Welcome back after the Easter break! This week we were visited by John Nathan who gamely judged close to 60 of our best images.

Things we learned this week:

1) Taking photos of wildlife is fraught with frustration. Ears can “ruin” the shot. Birds don’t care to look in the right direction, or even look “right” when you snap them. And if you happen to get a shot with more than one bird aiming for the same thing, Photoshop must DEFINITELY have been used to stitch the animals together (spoiler alert: it wasn’t…)
2) Even at 38,000 feet, it’d be nice to get a bird in the shot.
3) Aperture is key to a good shot.
4) ISO is key to a good shot.
5) Focus is key to a good shot. Unless it’s not. In which case, it isn’t.
6) Diagonals are key to a good shot.
7) Mopeds are good. Unless there’s a bus in the way. Buses ruin everything.
8) Trees can steal the limelight. Even from a man with a day-glo T-Shirt on.
9) Calling something abstract doesn’t necessarily mean that the judge will agree.

And… Wait for it… You’ve guessed it… I’ve saved the best for last…

11) Any photo will be enhanced by a dash of red. A red farmer in a field, 2000 feet down. A person in red skating on an otherwise isolated frozen lake. But not a bus. Definitely not a bus. That bus ruined the shot. 

So… After the mutterings, mutiny and scowling of the evening was complete, the following shots waltzed off with top marks, red or no red and congratulations should be given to:

Group 1: 

Winner:  Alan Marchant – Creme de la Creme Brulee:

David Merrit – Hillcroft in possession:

Chris Randall – Rooftops of Brugge:

 Chris Randall – Burnham-on-Sea Low Lighthouse:

Level 2:

Winner: Graham Simms – Lochan Urr:

Graham Simms – Loch Leven Dawn: 

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