And so the cycle begins again. Mark has been beavering away over the summer finalising the programme for the coming year and we had the Grand Unveiling on Wednesday. The year in numbers is as follows:

18 competitions. 14 external judges. 6 external speakers. 4 evenings out. A few informal challenges and the chance to make Croydon look… well… beautiful?

It may have been mentioned during the Grand Unveiling that we have a new projector, with a new resolution. For the PDI competitions, your photos will need to be resized to 1440 x 1080 pixels.

Homework was set:

  1. Make Croydon Beautiful (no, really…)

  1. Find some suitable potential images for the upcoming digital manipulation competition (did you know that the new projector has a different resolution? 1440 x 1080px)
  2. Get up close and personal with everyday objects in readiness for the “Getting in close” evening on 11 October.

And of course, we’re straight into the swing of things with our first PDI competition this coming Wednesday. Please remember – there’s a new projector… 

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