To the best of my knowledge, we at Photocraft have never really ventured out and about for a photo walk in our home town centre. Well, eight of us decided it was time to put that right and so we set out on Wednesday 13th October to see what could be found for photography up and down the main road and its surroundings.

It was going to offer a fairly limited range of styles I suppose; long exposures, good old light trails, some colourful signage, people, etc. The challenge was to find something different and I feel we all managed to look for and find at least one thing to capture. There were a few tripods and a few just going with the wide aperture, hand held. Long exposures and deliberate use of slower shutter speeds to create something different were put to the test.

What came out of the evening was that we all managed to get at least one image in the can. Sometimes you have to seek out the shot and it was encouraging to see everyone had a go. So a big thank you to David and Barbara A, David M, Andy B, Joe F, Vince B and Roshan R for joining your blogger this week. Rather than more words from me, here are a selection of photographs from them…and me:

A Symbol of the Past

First, Barbara’s long exposure of the Lavender Sculpture – a reminder of when all this was lavender fields.

In the Garden

Roshan meanwhile ventured into the garden behind the Town Hall to get this terrific image of the fountain

The Mean Streets of Wallington

Joe F was alert to the mean streets of Wallington and given what is written on his t-shirt, we all wonder what’s in the box??

Under the Bridge

Andy B reminds us of where we are as the flowers give us a final hurrah.

HE’s Gone Out

Your blogger took in the local shopfronts…and the emptiness within.

I am Smokin a Fag

Vince B timed his shot to get one of the local workers having a quick smoke.

The Camera Club and The Disco Lights

David M was getting down to the beat and the lightshow of the traffic passing by – note four of us are gathered in the middle…but not around a handbag!

Round The Bend

David A found a fresh viewpoint to show us the buses are on time…sometimes.

And there we are. A few of the shots from the night. If nothing else, we all found out that not that much happens on a mild October Wednesday in Wallington.

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