Well, we seem to have got the hang of this online meeting set-up now and this evening saw our internal theme competition with “Reflection” being the subject matter for us all to try and capture. Making it this rather than “reflections” allowed a wider interpretation for members to give us in their images and we saw many good examples.

Firstly, thank you to all who entered this – we had an excellent total of 47 images to enjoy and then vote on. Unsurprisingly, we saw many feature water of some sort – from sea to puddle in size. There were windows, mirrors, lights, chrome, people, shapes, patterns, distortions, selfies, statues, insects, sculptures, traffic signs and fish. It is fair to say that there was no shortage of variety in what was on show.

Thank you as ever to Mark for getting the software in place and for coordinating the scoring.

And so to those images that got the top votes. Our deserved winner is “SKY HIGH” by Kevin B.

An absolutely tack sharp image of the underside of the i360 in Brighton. All agreed this was an image that was made for monochrome; the many colours on display could well have been distracting and it was interesting to hear Kevin tell us that it was the colour of the sea that he felt was what was wrong in the original. In case you’re wondering, yes, that is Kevin in the picture…at 12:00 o’clock and a little way down, you can see two small white dots…and one is Kevin.

In second spot is Alfred C with “MERCEDES REFLECTION”

Alfred took this at the Mercedes Museum, near Weybridge. We all had a good look at this and enjoyed the saturation and distortions. In a great example of “the more you look, the less you see”, there was a sudden dawning that the strange writing at the top left may well be the word “Pentax” back to front and so Alfred revealed that we are actually looking at his reflection in the chrome of this particular Mercedes. All agreed it just works and the detail in the tyre adds much to the overall colour and texture of this photograph.

Taking third prize is Mark with “ROCKIES REFLECTION”

This was captured near Jasper and Mark told us it is one of those images that come as a reward for being patient. After a few mornings where the weather was against him and smoke from forest fires had hindered any photography by spoiling the sky, all fell into place and as you can see, the light and lack of wind makes this practically a mirror-like reflection.

In fourth spot is Chris R with “WALKING IN THE RAIN”

In the line of duty, Chris was at his post at 5 am on a wet New York morning to get this great Christmas lights reflection and just at the right time, along came a person to add that extra impact to the image. Well seen.

Fifth place was another excellent image from Alfred: “AUTUMN REFLECTION”

I think what catches the eye in this are the ripples and shapes they cause, Perfect placement puts these distortions in such a way that they move up through the tree branches and work really well with the colours in the image.

It was an excellent evening with many more members sharing the background to the photographs we saw. Certainly, the theme idea is one to progress and here’s to next time having it back in the hall.

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