Our AGM summed up another very successful, albeit pandemically-challenged, year for Photocraft.

In his Chair’s report (circulated to members beforehand), Brian C said: ‘I am so delighted to say that our membership levels have grown over this season. That is quite an achievement in our current world. Many thanks to all of you that joined Photocraft over the past year. New people bring new images and ideas and I hope that we all get the chance to see and share our work again in person soon. My personal thanks go to each and every one of you, as long-standing or recent members for your fantastic support during the year and I very much look forward to seeing you, perhaps at some stage over the rest of Summer but certainly in September and, being optimistic, in person again, for another year of photographic creativity, education, fun and friendship.’ In return, thanks were expressed to Brian for his excellent leadership during the season.

In his Treasurer’s report (circulated to members beforehand), Chris R said: ‘As we now head towards the end of social restrictions and where the club will hopefully get back to being able to meet in the hall, our financial outlook is a little bit healthier than this time last year. That said, we still need to carefully manage our finances to ensure that the club is able to run for many more years to come. For the season coming we hope to be able increase the spend on guest speakers back to previous levels. Whilst this is the second year we have had to increase the membership fee it should still be seen in the light of good value as it still costs under £2.00 per meeting.’

The membership fees for this coming club year are: £70 per member and £105 per couple; the concessionary rate remains at £25.

As well as electing next year’s Committee and appointing the various assistants essential for the running of the club, we introduced three slight changes to club competitions:

First, we introduced an advisory class to the club’s open competitions, so that members who are not competitive or new members who are new to camera clubs can choose to enter images to receive positive, impartial feedback and advice on how to improve their photography without receiving a score.

Secondly, we approved some revisions to our Competition Rules: we clarified that in terms of composite images all component parts must be entirely the work of the club member who must own the image copyright and that the use of others’ royalty-free or copyright-free images is not allowed; we also clarified that members may submit up to two entries into each of the Print of the Year and PDI of the Year competitions and that images may only be used if they have been submitted into a club competition in the current club year; we also tweaked the resubmission rule, so that members gaining 7 or less in the Standard Class may resubmit their image on one other occasion in the same or another form.

Thirdly, in light of our inability to run print competitions during this last year, we agreed that, as a concession and only for the 2021-2022 season, we would allow members to resubmit any 2020-2021 PDI competition entries for Print competitions.

After our AGM we ran a just-for-fun competition on the theme of ‘Nature’, scored by members. Five images were rated at an average of 8.5:

Photocraft Camera Club - House Sparrow catching Damselfly by Mandy B
House Sparrow catching Damselfly by Mandy B
Photocraft Camera Club - Wood Pigeon alighting by Mandy B
Wood Pigeon alighting by Mandy B
Photocraft Camera Club - Giant owl butterfly by Alfred C
Giant owl butterfly by Alfred C
Photocraft Camera Club - Angry coots by Alfred C
Angry coots by Alfred C
Photocraft Camera Club - Bumblebee on Cornflower by Chris R
Bumblebee on Cornflower by Chris R

The top image, scoring 8.5+ was by Steve B, photographed at Warnham Nature Reserve, near Horsham:

Photocraft Camera Club - Scarce Chaser by Steve B
Scarce Chaser by Steve B

Congratulations to Steve and to the five runners up on these beautiful, well-observed images! And thank you to you all for your involvement in Photocraft during the 2020-2021 season and for sharing our passion for photography.

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