If you would like to have an album of your photographs on the web site the easiest way to send photographs to me is to use WeTransfer. WeTransfer is a simple and easy way to send large files.

But first to make things easy for me and to ensure no errors are made, on your computer place your photographs into a folder. To ensure the club’s data policy are maintained name your folder with your first name and initial of your surname e.g for John Smith name folder John S.

The photographs as you would expect need to be in the jpeg format. The photograph title to be the file name e.g. The Name Of Image.jpg. Ideally, the photographs have been optimised for the web – a balance of quality and file size for displaying on the web. There are free tools available on the web that can do this for you, two being:

  1. TinyJPG (tinyjpg.com),
  2. ImageResizer (https://imageresizer.com/compress-images)

Or you can do it yourself with PhotoShop, Lightroom, or your photo editing package of choice.

How to use WeTransfer

Step 1 : Open a browser on the computer where photographs are located.

Step 2 : Go to the address bar and type wetransfer.com and hit Enter.

Note: you do not need to create a userid or login to use the free version

Step 3 : Click on Select a Folder

Step 4 : Click on “Email to” and add photocraftcameraclub@gmail.com.

Step 5 : Click on “Your Email” and add your email address.

Step 6 : Optional – leave a message

Step 7 : Click on “Transfer”.

You need to be a member of Photocraft to leave a comment and you need to be logged in.

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