Judge: David Harford LRPS

Congrats to Philip and Mandy for their wins in this weeks competition.

Extra kudos for Mandy, also, who got Brian’s £20 spot prize for a score of 10 with a photograph taken on the Chatham/Whitstable day trip last year. 

The title of this post are those words you always want to hear when your photo comes up. Those are also judge’s words captured when I took this photo above on my new phone. Is this the way forward or just another gimmick? Only time will tell. Either way, the technology still doesn’t allow me to play the clip on anything but my phone.

Later this week we have the Q&A session compere’d by Aodan

Then a reminder for our smartphone competition evening on 21 Oct. Let’s  get your photos to Mark, see his recent email for details. 

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