We are always being told about the light…Photography is Painting with Light…We are either waiting for or chasing the light…depending on whose books you’ve read! The message is clear.

Well, it is fair to say that whoever controls this light was being very mean with it last Wednesday as a select band of members made their way to Carshalton Village area and sought to take some fresh and different images. As many will know, we have made frequent visits to this spot over the past few years and hoped that the familiarity would give us the confidence to know just where to go. We soon found ourselves scattered widely around the Ponds and The Grove as we attempted to find the right place to capture good light. 

David P and Mandy were early starters and along with Joy, were hunting the nest of the local herons. When found, there was not much visible activity but, as ever, the sheer unpredictability of the birds, in general, made for many failed shots to get them in flight or taking off and landing on the water. Joy took to offering bribes in the way of food to try and entice some of the birds to play along but they toyed with us by choosing the exact moments we looked away to commence their take offs. It seemed to me they were enjoying the game far more than us human participants!

Your blogger and Chris R made our way to the bridge to see what the waterfall was like. Chris found the ducks were in a camera-shy mode but remained calm and patient, only occasionally resorting to asking the ducks to turn around. 

I recalled Mark’s excellent shots from 2017 and so tried my hand at using a filter to allow a suitably long exposure to show the now traditional blurred water shot:

The route over the bridge was proving very popular as Chris and I found ourselves having to wait for the bridge to stop vibrating each time someone crossed it. After a short time, we also agreed that the light was simply not there and we decided to head back to the War Memorial. I took a couple of shots with a view to monochrome:

We found most of the group was of like mind, gathering at the memorial. At that stage, there was an outbreak of experimentation that seemed to sweep through us like a rage! With tripods at the ready and lenses pointing in all directions, it was as if all the little tips and ideas we have heard about during the past months, finally came out to play.

We had members trying their hand at long exposures, light trails, intentional camera movement, panning and looking for the less obvious shot. There was lots of advice on hand and it was rewarding to see many of try and do something different. Some examples here, with thanks to Aodan:

In keeping with precedent and as the light decided it had done its part and was fading away, so we chose to congregate at the bar of the Greyhound. We held court there for a good hour or so and discussed many things such as ideas for 2018/19, the choice of ales and many craft beers now on offer and the general way of the world

All in all, I reflect on a good evening but with a sense of disappointment at the conditions we had. I am sure there will be some excellent images from those who came along and these will appear in due course. In the meantime, thinking caps on for alternative places in 2019!

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