So it seems that it wasn’t just our guest speaker Andrew Whyte who was working in the dark on Wednesday! Somehow our dedicated (and, if I may say so, highly professional) team of bloggers got a bit confused over who was doing what and when, and as a result there’s no “official” blog this week. Sorry about that!

I for one thoroughly enjoyed the evening, during which we were treated not just to some of Andrew’s amazing astro photography, but were also provided with some great insights into how he goes about creating his stunning “light painted” images. Who knew what you could achieve with a string of fairy lights and an old bicycle wheel?!?

In the absence of any notes from the evening, I remember Andrew recommending the “PhotPills” mobile app for working out the position of celestial objects such as the Milky Way, and the PC app StarStaX for preparing those fantastic star trail images.

If you need a reminder on how to use StarStaX, YouTube is your friend, with many easy to follow quick guides. Here’s a good example:

Andrew also mentioned his “quick reference guide” which you can find on his website here:

As someone who’s already interested in this genre of photography (the image below was my humble attempt at a bit of light painting on top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii), I left the club hall on Wednesday inspired to more actively try my hand at this fun and creative style of photography …

.. which leads me nicely to the reminder that next Wednesday (19th February) we plan to have a go at some long exposure photography of our own, so don’t forget to bring along your camera, a tripod and remote shutter release (if you have them) and as many different torches, coloured lights etc as you can lay your hands on. It should be a fun night!

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