Yes, it’s a special treat for all today as we bring you two Photocraft evenings in one blog!

We begin with our Match-An-Image competition held at our venue on 4th December 2019. Joining Photocraft that night were our fellow SPA clubs, Cheam and Epsom. Many of our members helped out by arriving early to help set up the hall and we also had an amazing spread of food to enjoy at the break. Thank you everyone!

Our judge for the evening was Darren Pullman, AFIAP. Darren had been at the club earlier in the season, giving us a talk on “How to take bad photos.” We wondered if he would find some more to add to the collection during the evening!

Cheam got us underway and the first few rounds saw many brave efforts by each club to lead off with that difficult to match image. It is fair to say that finding that match brought both fun and frustration to all. Darren would take a firm but fair view and did not often let the heckling from the crowd cloud his judgement…although there were a few that did make us scratch our heads. A lot of imagination was called for with some of the “matching” images and after the break as we used up those more versatile photos, there were some great attempts to justify the bits of an image that did match the lead!

Mark B was doing a marvellous job of multi-tasking as both scorer and timekeeper and as the event drew to a close, he announced the final scores…


Second…Photocraft, by one point!

Which meant that Cheam were the winners! And by a good margin!

Well done to all from Cheam and it was great for your blogger to see many familiar faces from my old club.

Looking back, the one point that got us into the runners-up spot was when Epsom could not find a match. Phew!

Of course, as hosts we had to do the honourable thing and let one of the visiting teams win but it is fair to say that, taking the comments from Cheam and Epsom, Photocraft certainly won the prize for staging the event. The consensus was that we have now set the benchmark for the food and organisation so a huge thank you to all for the help and great team support on the night! Just 50 weeks to go to the next one at Carshalton!!

The final part of the blog and the last of 2019 is just a few words about our Christmas social on 11th December 2019.

We had a fair supply left from the week before and those who came along excelled themselves with the selection of food brought along for the tables. Again, we had a good turn-out to help set the hall up but perhaps the biggest shock of all was that…WARNING!! YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ A FOUR LETTER WORD THAT IS NOT NORMALLY ASSOCIATED WITH OUR HALL AND THE CLUB SO PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR THIS…the hall was WARM!!!!! Yes, right from the start, there was this strange heat around the place, coming from the strange white metal things on the walls. It was most welcome!

A big thanks to Jane D for bringing along the longest set of lights – which she got for a bargain price I understand – which we arranged as best we could and I managed to find a suitable Christmas playlist on my phone for us all to have on in the background…sadly there was no singing or dancing in the hall…OK, probably for the best, I agree :), especially as, after making the disco ball rotate, we could not find the switch for the lights to reflect off it.

I appreciate that there was one item that did draw some attention and that was the novelty Camera Christmas light. Well, wonder no longer about where you can find this last minute Christmas gift for your photography mad family or friends. Yes, i can tell you now…here it is!

You can thank me in the New Year 🙂

It was an excellent turnout with plenty of food and drink to enjoy, leading to a very sociable evening that flew by! Thank you to everyone who helped tidy up as well to leave the hall as we found it…Still WARM!!

And on that bombshell, I bid all readers a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for Happy and Photographically successful 2020. See you all in January!

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