Competitions Rules



1. Entries must be the work of the Club member who must own the image copyright.

2. Members may submit up to 3 entries in any internal Club competition, unless otherwise stated in the programme. The number of entries for one-off competitions will be set out in the Club programme.

3. In the event that the total number of entries (across both competition levels) for a competition exceeds 65, the number of images per member will be restricted in the following order until the total is 65 or less:

  • The third image (as determined by the image order set by the member in PhotoEntry) will be dropped for all Advanced class members.
  • The third image (as determined by the image order set by the member in PhotoEntry) will be dropped for all Standard class members.

4. In the Open Print, Monochrome and Projected Digital Image competitions set out in the programme, only the two highest scores from a member’s entries from each competition will count towards the yearly placings and trophy awards.

Types of Entry

5. Both colour and monochrome entries are accepted in Open Print and Projected Digital Image competitions. Only monochrome entries may be entered in Monochrome Print and Monochrome Projected Digital Image competitions.

6. Specifically, for the Monochrome Print and Monochrome Projected Digital Image competitions, the term monochrome means an image produced in varying densities of a single hue. Conventionally that hue would be a neutral grey, with densities from white to black. However, the neutral grey could be replaced by any single hue.

Submission of Images

7. Images to be entered in Print and Projected Digital Image competitions must be uploaded to PhotoEntry no later than by the end of the Monday immediately before the competition that they are to be entered in. Entries received after this time may not be included in the competition.

8. Images uploaded to PhotoEntry should not exceed 1440 by 1080 pixels and the files should be in JPEG format and in sRGB colour space. Members may choose to resize images before uploading to PhotoEntry or to use the resizing feature within PhotoEntry.

9. Image files uploaded to PhotoEntry should be renamed to the image title as it is required to appear on the screen during the competition.

10. Prints should be submitted to the Club not later than 7.50 pm on the evening of the Print competition.

11. If a member wishing to submit print entries is unable to attend a competition evening, another club member may submit the entries on their behalf.

12. Whilst the organisers will exercise reasonable care of Print entries, responsibility will not be accepted by the Club for any loss or damage.


13. In the Open Print, Monochrome and Projected Digital Image competitions, there will be two classes of entry: Standard and Advanced. Advanced Level is intended for more experienced or advanced photographers and the judge can be expected to use more robust criteria in scoring and commenting on entries in this class than in those at Standard Level.

Newcomers and less experienced members may feel more comfortable entering at Standard Level.

14. Club members must indicate on their membership form the level at which they will be entering so that entries can be entered into the correct class.

15. A member may change from one level to the other, once only, during the Club year by informing the Chair of their wish. The accumulated score at one level is not transferable to the new level.


16. Entries will be marked by the judge on a scale of 1 to 10. Where more than one entry is marked 10, the judge will be asked to award one of them a plus mark, thus 10+ to indicate the evening’s winner. The number of plus marks is only taken into account if there is a tie at the end of the season.

17. In all competitions, the decision of the judge is final.


18. The aim of internal competitions is to encourage members to submit new work. Therefore, entries gaining 7 points or more may not be submitted again in any internal competition where scoring is recorded (except for the Print or PDI of the year competitions). This includes a version of the image that has been modified by photo-editing (including colour/monochrome conversions) or one that is very similar to the image already submitted. Entries gaining 6.5 or fewer points may therefore be submitted on one other occasion in the same or another form. Members resubmitting an image on this basis are encouraged to let the Chair and/or the member chairing the Club evening know in advance.

19. It is the sole responsibility of the competition entrants to ensure that their images do not breach any legal requirements.

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