But if only (BIO) ….

It’s what happens when a judge is giving a seemingly generous critique but then drop the bombshell …   We’ve all heard it.  “I like the trees here, the sky there, good exposure … but if only … there was an extra element, an extra subject to draw the viewer in”

What Mike and Ian showed us yesterday is that we shouldn’t be constrained by reality when presenting a photo.

Like a photoshop tag team Mike and Ian bounded their way through a collection of before and after slides which showed how creative mind can bring the barest shell of a photo into a masterpiece of colour and composition.

The first slide of Polesden Lacey teased with its neatly presented row of ready to be stitched together of perfectly adequate summers day photos even with blue sky and white fluffy clouds. But a mere stitched together panorama would be way too predictable. No, a canvas texture was added across the top, the colours morphed to Sepia tones, add some vignette, a bit of soft glow and the scene was transformed into an 19th century style painting.

Each subsequent slide showed how the original photo could be literally twisted and turned to produce the final result.

Their work was based on original photos than adapted in photoshop with texture layers, overlain stock images and a good dose of brightness, contrast and colour adjustments. Most of the work was based in Photoshop CC but also called on additional software such as Nik Suite, Flexify, Photomatix to provide that little twist.

A mind-opener as much as an eye-opener.

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