A Short(ish) Walk through Long Exposure


A Short(ish) Walk through Long Exposure

Paul Parkinson ARPS CPAGB BPE2 Based in NW Kent

Fuji GFX shooter
plus a Fuji X100V as a “carry always” snaps camera.

I shoot mainly Long Exposure, Architectural, and Urban Landscapes – sometimes all three at the same time
I do still shoot other “stuff” such as street, sports, and -if the muse carries me thus- nature and portraits. I’m not very good at them but I sometimes get acceptable results.
Long exposure photography is taking photographs with longer exposure times than needed to obtain a “normal” correctly exposed photograph, either during daytime with the use of filters or else during the night with or without the use of filters, with the deliberate intent to create an effect on any moving object.
For example, these might include blurred skies with streaks of clouds; smoothed out water like if it was frozen; blurred ghostlike people; light trails, etc.
My talk contains tips, tricks, gear advice (level 5 GAS warning), a journey through my LE experience and ends with my ARPS panel from May of 2021


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