Quiz Night: Where in the World


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Quiz Night: Where in the World

1st Half - Where in the World Quiz.Members put in good reasonably typical photographs of a city or area from their various travels and then the audience have to guess where in the world the photo is taken. Say up to 50 photos altogether. Members put their guesses on a sheet of paper. Exchange sheets at the end and a points awarded for each correct answer. Winner gets a bottle of wine. Out of fairness you don't fill in the answer if the photo that comes up is one of yours.Club members to provide up to 6 images While scoring the answer sheets, members will have an opportunity to learn more about how others captured their photos, as well as seeking out advice on how their pictures might have been improved. 2nd Half - Where in the UK Quiz. Same format as above. Could be done in two half evenings or two full evenings a few months apart.

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