What’s in your bag

What’s in your bag

Items that are often in camera bags that some members might find useful in their photography but others might not be aware of in the normal course of events.

Tryptychs and how to prepare them

Tryptychs and how to Prepare ThemOne part of an evening going through the how and when to create them and what type of images work best and then a follow-up some time later with membersÕ efforts on display.

Techie Talk

Techie Talk. Second curtain flash, focus stacking, back button focussing, cleaning a camera sensor,Éall those things you hear about but have not tried yourself. Members can discuss and hopefully learn more on these techniques but not necessarily see them done on the...

Studio Night – Portrait Photography

Studio Night: Portrait Photography Flash Lighting techniques in Portraiture and how to take the perfect Portarit with a Model a session to be run in conjunction with a practical session on the use of Flash Lighting techniques in Portraiture. - with a model Angela can...

Interclub Battle

Interclub Battle:20 PDIs and 20 prints are pitched against another club and critiqued with points.ÊOur images are selected from the competition entries by the selection committee.ÊÊIf we are in the hall we can include prints. A suggestion of a few clubs we could...

How to Prepare Prints for Competitions

How to prepare Prints for Competitions. Basics of LR setup, printing options and mounting of image. This should prepare you for the fabulous treat we have for you next week when Chris Palmer will present his "The Prints and the Paper" talk.

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