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Gestalt theory

Alfred C
New Member

For members keen on street photography you might look at Brian Lloyd Duckett's YouTube on street photography and applying 1920's Gestalt  psychology in composition; some principles will be familiar but Brian does give examples that can be useful when tying to capture an image in crowded environments.


STREET PHOTOGRAPHY COMPOSITION - how Gestalt theory can help improve your compositions - YouTube

Topic starter Posted : 21/02/2022 11:29 am
Vincent B
New Member

I've been on several courses with Brian including a "one to one". They were very good and he does know his stuff. He gave me some good advice on travel photography which I found spot on.

He works on the idea of projects which you will find on YouTube and worth a look.

The outcome of the "one to one" was very much a surprise. At the end of the day he turned around and told me that I was more a documentary photographer than a street photographer!

I hadn't realised it until that moment and it has proved true.

Posted : 21/02/2022 5:40 pm
Martin F
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Many thanks Alfred for this interesting link.  I know a bit about Gestalt theory and a fair bit about street photography but had never before linked them together in this way.  I think Brian does so in a very interesting way that throws some light on what separates a mediocre street image from an outstanding one.  Something I may circulate wider amongst the SPA judging community.  Very thought provoking.

Posted : 23/02/2022 12:02 pm
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