Hello from Korea,

Some of you have asked what I’m doing over here and some of you who I haven’t met before may be asking, who is this Aodan person ?

Well, inspired by the Something Red competition tomorrow heres a few photos with red that might give a flavour of life here.

Welcome to Korea,

I thought we had wandered into some special dignitaries when we landed first in Seoul but I’ve since found out these guys are just actors hired but the Korean Tourist Board.

National Mascot, 
I found this guy on the side of one of the massive korean drums.

Korean food,
If I’m only going to have one picture of Korean food and t’s going to be red then it’s probably got to be of chillies. They’re in almost everything you eat here. In this picture, the local grower is drying his chillies on the back of his van while he’s going around his business.

Korean festivals, 
The Koreans live to work, their enthusiasm and dedication is impressive but also tiring. However they know how to organise a fireworks show. Over a million people visited Busan last week for their annual firework festival. (Those white dots at the bottom are actually peoples phones. Another Korean pastime appears to be selfie taking but thats a whole different story).

The reality,
As always, the everyday life is always different from the tourist view. I live in a town dominated by two large shipyards and about 80,000 workers, most from Korea but also expats from all over the world. This has it’s good points and it’s bad points but its never dull.

Good Luck until I see you again, and enjoy the competition tomorrow.


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