And so we reached the final club evening of the season and celebrated those members whose images took the honours in each of the club’s competitions, taking home the varied selection of trophies…some of which are…how shall I put it… rather unique in style and design.

We had a good turnout and enjoyed a relaxing time with some drinks and what turned out to be one of the largest selection of nibbles seen this side of Croydon for years!

Well done to everyone who took part in our competitions this year. This night was about celebrating with the winners and runners up for 2018/19 and of course, it is thanks to a keen and engaged membership that we are able to produce a wide range of excellent images that judges enjoy marking throughout our season. So it is time for a huge thank you to the full complement of the club who make all the competitions lively and worthwhile. 

The full roll of honour is in the members area of the website, found here:

The best was saved till last on the evening when Mark B took us on a journey through the collection of images that members had taken on the disposable cameras handed out over the past months.

What did we learn, I hear you ask?

Well, it does seem a few of us struggled with the technical side of the camera and took more than one image. Others revealed a worrying loss of memory as they could not identify their image from those shown; hindsight telling us that some chose to keep mum for, er, understandable reasons.

Well, let’s see what all the fuss was about: In no particular order and with no names, here are four images that made us sit up and applaud:

And for completion, here are some that made us sit up…

Abstract Attempt


Where Father Christmases go for Summer

I will leave you to savour and enjoy these individual images and wish everyone a wonderful next couple of months.

Don’t forget our Summer Party at Joy’s on Sunday 21st July plus watch out for emails re a couple of pub nights and that Saturday morning coffee get-together in early August.

Take care all!! 

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