Interested in Joining?

A year’s membership of Photocraft costs:

  • £75 per member
  • £115 for joint membership.
  • £35 for Digital membership. Our Digital Membership is perfect for members who live far away or are unable to attend in-person events.
    Zoom meetings only, but please note not all meetings are suitable to be broadcast over zoom.
  • A concessionary rate of £25 is available to any person who is receiving income or disability benefits or is under 24 and receiving full-time education.

Club membership works out at less than £1 an hour which to our members seems pretty good value for a mixture of education, entertainment, and socialising.

Do you want to know more?  Why not check out our frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you welcome beginners?
We welcome anyone to the club regardless of their ability or experience. If you’re interested in photography and want to learn from others and improve, then you’ll get a lot out of the events on our programme and the wealth of experience of the members.

When does my membership expire?
Membership of Photocraft lasts for 12 months and renews on the anniversary of your joining. Our automated membership system will send an email to you 28 days before your membership is about to expire and again 7 days before the expiry of the membership fee has not been paid. Should it slip your mind then 28 days after the expiry date a final email reminder will be sent to you?

Can I try out a meeting or two?
You will probably want to come and see us before committing to joining us. Why not just come along one Wednesday evening and introduce yourself? If you contact our membership secretary beforehand we’ll make sure that there is someone looking out for you to make some introductions. So please feel free to come along for up to three consecutive club meetings before deciding whether or not to join. To contact our membership secretary click here.

When you join, we’ll ask you to complete a simple form to tell us something about yourself.

Are there any restrictions?
Under eighteen years of age, you must be accompanied by an adult

Do I need an expensive camera?
No, the club is for all photographers using their preferred equipment. We have members with all types of cameras, lenses, and accessories.  All our members have digital cameras and some still maintain an interest in film cameras. Many are content with point-and-shoot cameras and produce fantastic images, competing on a par with those using mirrorless and digital SLR cameras. We also see great work from smartphones. There is a tremendous wealth of knowledge within the club across a whole range of photographic equipment so if you’re thinking of expanding your kit by getting new or second-hand items, there are plenty of people willing to share their experience and expertise to help you make your choice.

How are the advisory, standard and advanced classes decided upon?
Members choose their class at the beginning of the season. Generally, new members choose to begin in the standard class because the judges will usually offer more comments and guidance to assist in taking their photography to the next level. However, members who are not competitive, or would prefer to receive positive, impartial feedback on their images from a judge without receiving a score, may be more comfortable in the advisory group.

How to Join

Our club uses a secure online membership portal.  To become a member of Photocraft Camera Club use our membership portal, it is simple and easy to use.

  1. Click the ‘Become a member’ button
  2. Complete the application form, then send it
  3. A short time later you will receive an email, follow the link in the email, sign in, and complete the application by indicating payment type.
  4. Currently, payment is by bank transfer or cheque
  5. A membership welcome pack will be sent once payment has been received
  6. When signed-in you have the option to set a password from the Your Membership page



Photocraft Camera Club is well known in South London photographic circles. We are members of the Surrey Photographic Association (SPA) and through them are affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB). Member of the Federation of South London Photographic Societies (SLF).  Through these affiliations, we have the opportunity to enter inter-club competitions as well as competitions at the county and national level.

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