A quick change to the programme description of next weeks meeting. 


29 April 2015 – Life is just a bowl of cherries Or anything else you can photograph on a tabletop. Have a go at still life or tabletop photography and send to photocraftwallington@gmail.com by 7pm on Tuesday.


Rather than bringing the photos on the evening, can you send the photos in advance to photocraftwallington@gmail.com

A max of 6 photos per person (but 1 or 2 is fine also). Jpegs only. 

If you send them by 7pm on Tuesday I will compile them and randomise them for presentation and make a summary sheet so we can have a just-for-fun vote to get the most popular photos on the evening.

Remember this doesn’t count as a competition so you can enter rough work and still modify your photos for a proper judged competition later. 

(sorry, I couldn’t find any cherries this time of year, this is the best I could find)

On the night there will be 2 rounds:

Round 1


There will be 2 quick run-throughs of all the photos (about 3 secs on each photo) 

Each person will get 3 voting slips to mark the number of their 3 favourite photos, (each vote gets equal weighting). I will make up a summary sheet to remind people of the photo numbers. Please, no voting for your own photos.

Drop the votes in the ballot box.

Round 2


There will be slower discussion-type run through where each person gets a chance to talk about their photos and answer any questions.

At the end of the discussion, each person gets another 3 voting slips to vote again. The result might be different when people get more time to view the photo or get to learn more about the photos. 

The top 3 photos in each vote will get a … 

wait for it

A special clap of appreciation from the room.

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