This week ushered in Photocraft’s first Monochrome Print competition of the membership year.  A great turnout and some excellent pictures for guest judge Ian Brash to enjoy!

As a “monochrome virgin” it was really interesting for me to learn what caught the eye of our judge Ian (and what some members might have wished hadn’t caught his eye!).  My key takeaway was that monochrome is not just about all the usual things like good composition, it’s also about drama, dynamism and depth of lighting .. contrast seems to be key!

Curious to see some aspects of what Ian was talking about in action, I provided Ian with a copy of one of my pictures from the competition (which scored a modest 7.5 points) to see what he could do with it .. in the process he would hopefully not only elevate the quality of my picture, but also my points-winning potential for future completions!

So after 20 mixtures of work in Photoshop (using the Nik plugin), Ian managed to turn this ..

Into this ..

Quite a difference I think you will agree!  Plenty more drama and atmosphere, and the relief of the mountains shows much more depth now .. definitely worth more than 7.5 points now!

So (as if I didn’t already know it) it seems I still have much to learn! Note to self: get some lessons in Photoshop and look into this Nik plugin .. it could the key to that elusive 10!!!!

Thanks again to Ian for the impromptu demo, and see you all next week .. Mark

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