Our judge for this, our final monochrome print competition of the club year, was Lawrence Homewood.  Lawrence also gave us a talk in October 2021 entitled  ‘Access to Photography, My Photographic journey’.

We had 24 prints entered for this competition in a single class.  The results this week will also decide the final rankings in the monochrome print class for the club year. Will those on the current leaderboard triumph tonight, or will they be overtaken by those nipping at their heels on the scoresheets.

Our judge focused on a number of points in his comments.  Those identified most frequently were as follows:-

  • Focus achieved; some too soft, some almost too sharp, depth of field
  • Composition, and crop proportions used; both successful and otherwise
  • Tonal range; both successful and otherwise
  • “Breaking the Gradient” within the image
  • Black and white points; and whether they were adequately controlled
  • Eye focus and catchlights; both successful and otherwise
  • Engaging image;  in terms of composition, subject, or behaviour on display for nature shots.

Five prints were held back for a second viewing, and then scores were awarded to this group.

The winning image on the evening, scoring 10+ points,  was ‘Entanglement’ by Dave S.  Our judge enjoyed this image which he described as a little abstract, wonderful, a good composition, a good mount and a presentation involving a lot of thought.  This is reproduced below.

Entanglement, by Dave S

Our runner up on the evening, also scoring 10 points, was ‘Eye to eye with a Red Fox’ by David H.  This print was described as enjoyable and engaging, very sharp in both fur and eye, good catchlights in the eye, well taken and displaying good skills. This is reproduced below.

Eye to Eye with a Red Fox, by David H

Our third place on the evening, scoring 9 ½ points, was  ‘Candelabrum, Greenwich’ by Mandy B.  This was described as a record shot with lots to like, very sharp with much detail. Highlights were very well controlled and the background was not too distracting.  The only adverse comment made was to discuss the way that the individual lamps tend to overlap rather than show good separation. This is reproduced below.

Candelabrum, Greenwich, by Mandy B

Congratulations to our winners, and especially to Dave S whose highest scoring shot had members of the audience debating how the image had been achieved.  That debate continues.

At the time of writing only thumbnail images from the results email are available for uploading. These thumbnails will be updated with full images when these become available. Likewise, the leaderboard with the competition scores has still to be updated. Whilst I am sure the competitors have been doing the maths I will leave the formal declaration of the overall seasons winner to the committee members.

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