It was an unusual competition evening but also proof that the club will find a solution to most problems. Changes in the management of the church halls meant we didn’t have access to our normal light stand for displaying the prints. Not only does this make it difficult for everyone in the hall to see the photos but also the judge!

It looked a bit desperate for a time but thanks to the resourcefulness of our secretary (Mark) and deputy chair (James), the show went on and, for the evening, the prints were displayed on a chair (the plastic kind, not James).

Visiting judge David Harford took everything in his stride and as usual gave a useful and insightful critique on all the photos presented.

Congrats to Dave Merritt “mmm … crunchy” and Mandy Byatt “Never mind” for their stunning winning photos that stood out in Level 1 and Level 2 respectively.

mmm … crunchy

Never mind

And yes, we have access to the club cupboard again so everything is back to normal now.

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