This week we saw the second of our open projected image competitions. It was almost as if there was an unofficial theme of “Autumn” amongst the images entered – many of them clearly having been taken recently, or at least picked to reflect the change in the seasons which seems to have snuck up on us relatively recently. Lots of yellows, golds and browns (coupled with a defective boiler last week) signified that summer is now well and truly over!

The Standard class saw a total of 14 images entered, with Chris R and Kevin B both gaining 10/10 from judge Gordon Roots:

Chris R – Mystic Falls (Standard Class – Winner)

Kevin B – Meerkat (Standard Class – Highly Commended)

The Advanced class garnered a whopping 30 entries this week. Overall, 5 entries were awarded 10/10 with Roshan R coming out victorious with his excellently timed shot of swans fighting:

Roshan R – Fighting Swans (Advanced class – Winner)

Mandy B – House Sparrow (Advanced Class – Highly Commended)

David M – Gnarly Oaks (Advanced Class – Highly Commended)

Dave S – Anguish (Advanced Class – Highly Commended)

Dave S – Study in Light and Shade (Advanced Class – Highly Commended)

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