And so we brought to an end our season-long print competitions with the second and last Monochrome “Print Competition, once again held online due to the current way of the world.

Our judge for the evening was Simon Van-Orden from Epsom Camera Club.

We had a good turnout for both Standard and Advanced groups and Simon was open with his comments on what he saw, making particular references to whether the image taken would look better in colour or monochrome…sometimes a difficult choice, sometimes not so – cast your mind back to last week’s great “REFLECTION” winner from Kevin B.

When presenting a monochrome, one very valid point Simon stressed a couple of times was to make sure there is sufficient contrast in your image. There is no doubt that some photographs can literally “sing” in monochrome, whilst others can look flat and grey without any features to catch the eye.

With 15 images in Standard, Simon was careful with his scoring and so we had only one 10 – but it was very well deserved, being this excellent image of the Shard captured by David A from one of the platforms at London Bridge Station:

I’m guessing Platform 13, David.

We had one 9.5 for Chris R and another one of his great New York images:

It’s still raining Chris!

The above and another good score was enough to give Chris R the top spot in our Monochrome Print Competition for the season – Congratulations to Chris for this.

Over at the Advanced end, Simon was perhaps more observant on these images and we were often reminded of good old Len Goodman from Strictly Come Dancing – “Seven!”

Rising above the throng, we had our winning image from Dave S – one that certainly makes the viewer think:

Yes, you guessed correctly…it is the underside of a flatfish.

Our other 10 on the night came from Alfred with this great image of the South Bank, between London and Tower Bridges:

And with that 10, Alfred has taken the top spot on the Advanced Monochrome Print Competition of the season – well done Alfred!

I think all of us have understood the dilemma faced by holding print competitions online and thank you to all for entering and understanding that we, sadly, could do this no other way.

Hopefully, the 2020/2021 season will see us enjoying the actual prints on our new stand!

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