Judge: Darren Pullman

That was an enjoyable start to the season with a wealth of images on show, a dam burst of images being stored up over the summer. 

Our judge was exercising the full breadth of marks from 5 to 10+ which drew a few gasps to start with but things soon settled down. The comments as always helpful, here’s a few I picked up, I’m sure others will have more. 

Some numbers from the evening:

  1. 3 is the magic number (items in a photo)
  2. Take 5 shots in a row (slightly varying composition and borders)
  3. And talking of borders, 1 pixel is plenty for a border key line (but sometimes 2 pixels is OK. And use the colour to accentuate one of you 3 items.) 

And whatever you do keep that horizon horizontal !

Well done to our winners, Martin Wilkins and Mandy Byatt. 

Level 1 – Winner and Runners-up  Level 2 – Winner and Runners-up

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