Had a word with David P about his talk on 25th February. He said, OK, at the end of the day, all we are interested in is the big picture and how it looks. But understanding how pixels actually work to build your picture, and what happens when you apply editing tools, can give you a level of understanding that will open doors in digital photography you never realised existed.

The talk assumes you know nothing, so if you do know stuff, please bear with…

He  will describe what a pixel is, what editing does to it, how big they are or can be, and how to change their size to suit your purpose. Includes when to and when not to Resample, and what Interpolation and Pixelation mean. Also the difference between image resolution and image sharpness, and that between ppi and dpi.

Finally, how to sharpen your pictures.

You know you want to know all this. Questions and polite interruptions welcome. No handouts, but if anyone would like a copy of the presentation (PowerPoint) to revisit later, just bring a memory stick along with you.

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