Tonight, we had a photo walk with a difference. To take advantage of the beautiful summer evening light, we met at Beddington Park earlier than our usual meeting time, at 7pm.  

The objective of the walk was to go around photographing, as near or far away from where we’d met as you wished. You could take as many photos as you wanted to, but the idea was that eventually you would select your six best images for a photography challenge, as taken in camera, without any post-processing.

The following subjects were suggested:

  • water
  • flowering trees or shrubs
  • wildlife
  • sport or exercise
  • vehicles
  • something you dislike (not necessarily photos that went wrong!)

Here is a short video of some of the photographers in action!

Here are some of the pictures taken on the night:

I don’t know what the ducks made of our photographic invasion – this one looks a bit quizzical – but it was a fun evening!

‘This is my lake!’

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