This week a group of intrepid Photocraft-ers took to the streets of Carshalton to try out our night photography skills. 

Cameras and tripods in hand, we not only braved the cold February conditions, but were also brave enough to put our cameras into manual (yes! manual!) to experiment with ISO, aperture and shutter speed in our search for that elusive combination which would give the best results.

The good news is that nobody fell into the ponds, which (thanks to the still weather conditions) provided us with some great reflections .. I’m sure we will be seeing a few examples of those in upcoming club competitions!

To stave-off the risk of frost-bite, a number of us then retired to the Greyhound pub for a well deserved warming drink!  All in all, a fun night out and a great opportunity to try our hand at something new: I for one am very tempted to pop back one night to have another go (remedying all the obvious mistakes that I can now see clearly in my downloaded images!).

For more tips on night photography, check out:

See you on Wednesday!


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