I’ve had a few enquiries recently about the calendar but not many photos so I thought I’ll send out a note to refresh the idea.

The concept is that we take pictures locally every month and post them to a central area so that they can be compiled later into a twelve month calendar.

I’ve now arranged a web address (via Dropbox) where the photos can be posted.

Please use a file name in the following format “Month Initials Title.jpg”. For example, I have just added the file “August AH RiverWandle.jpg”

If you type the following into your web browser, just follow the instructions to upload the file.


I will send out a link later that enables you to see the other files in the folder.

Here’s some guidelines for choosing photos:

  1. Identifiable local features wherever possible
  2. Local events/festivals are also good but being careful about having individual recognisable faces rather than crowd/group type scenes
  3. Something to identify the season.
  4. Something to make people feel good
  5. Something immediately eye catching
  6. Sharp,( at least somewhere in the photo)
  7. Orientation: Landscape
  8. Jpg only, preferably sized 1024 pixels across. (This size is for the first pass “selection phase” only, a hi-res version 2000pixels across will be needed later, if chosen.).
  9. Process enough to make your photo stand out but there will be another chance to fine tune if you photo is selected.

Closing dates for entries is on the first Tuesday of the following month.

  1. June, July, August or September photos emailed by 6 Oct
  2. October photos emailed by 3 Nov
  3. November photos emailed by 1 Dec
  4. December photos emailed by 5 Jan

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