A group of members gathered on the evening of 2 June, to take advantage of the anticipated sunset visible across the ponds in Carshalton, and to celebrate the easing of lockdown restrictions that have limited our ability to meet this year. Whilst our group arrived for this opportunity, the sun itself failed to put on any sort of show.

Gathering Place

The members who arrived at first stalked the herons who have taken up residence around the pond, pursuing them from one favoured fishing stand to another, all the time trying to get a reasonable image from the rather dull conditions. Further attempts to catch these birds in flight around the area were equally challenging.

A number in our party moved towards the heron nest in the Cypress tree at the bridge in the Grove, where the fledglings on the nest appeared to be playing a game of hiding behind a curtain, popping out into view for a second or two before disappearing again. The birds were mainly silhouetted against a bright sky, making any capture additionally difficult.

From there we moved steadily towards the cascade where several of us attempted to capture the falling water using a slow shutter speed, generally handheld.

These images will probably need some cleaning up in post-processing due to flotsam trapped in the rocks, but the most interesting effect will be the element of camera movement likely visible in the images, caused by the bounce of the bridge structure due to passers-by and our own group.
At this stage the local squirrels put in an appearance, performing their cute routine of standing close by and rearing up on two legs to better prepare for capturing peanuts. We in turn captured a few images; the squirrels were unsuccessful with the peanuts.

Watering Place

Darkness was descending by this stage, and with a light rain beginning to fall the photography came to a close. A few members retired to The Greyhound, another benefit of the recent easing of lockdown restrictions.

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