A talk and demonstration by Lee Townsend from Lenses in Croydon.

“Find you and have fun”

Lee’s opening advice to the group was a bit unusual for a technical talk of studio type lighting. It was backed up with his next line

“Portraits are 75% personality and 25% technical skill. “

OK, so it’s no quite as extreme as the Einstein quote of 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration but still quite telling.  Lee’s belief is that once the lights and the camera have been set up anyone can press the shutter and get a well exposed photo. The essence of a good portrait though, is to catch something about the person, and that’s where the personality of the photographer comes in just as much as the subject. 

The photo records the mood of the person at the time. The general atmosphere in the “studio” and the photographer’s interaction have large parts to play in capturing that something extra.

That’s not to say the technical aspects were not covered. The settings were called out and everyone in the room had a chance to take some photos with the big lights. Many members benefitted from this, it being the first time they turned the mode dial on their cameras to the “M” position. 

Many thanks to Lee from Lenses in Croydon for coming over to share his knowledge and his enthusiasm. 

In case you were wondering ……   Lenses is a “meet-up” group of photographers/models and general art minded people based in Croydon. They often do photo shoots with models. If anyone is interested he is also planning more trips out and about.  He did mention photographing the ice sculpting at Canary Wharf in the new year. Meet-up is free to join. 


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