Tonight’s judge, Paul Graber, certainly enjoyed the chance to be back judging a live print competition. He said the night before, by contrast, had been quite a challenge as he’d had to judge a mixed print and PDI competition at another club and had to work hard to overcome his inherent bias toward prints!


Tonight’s winning entry (10+) was Roe Deer Stag by Mandy B. Paul Graber found this a very attractive image that is not just about the deer itself, although it’s well captured, the light is falling very nicely on it and it’s standing out from its background very effectively. The picture has a nice range of tonality, with well-handled greens, but what really makes the image is that it shows a deer in its environment and there’s a real atmosphere generated.

Photocraft Camera Club - Roe Deer Stag by Mandy B
Roe Deer Stag | Mandy B | Winner

One of the runners up (10) was ‘Sundown Whitstable’ by Alfred C. Paul Graber said he enjoyed the subtlety of this sunset. The picture has a limited range of colours, but they look authentic. It’s quite a serene scene with attractive reflections that work well. It’s well-executed and is sharp front to back. And it had been well-printed.

Photocraft Camera Club - Sundown Whitstable by Alfred C
Sundown Whitstable | Alfred C | Highly Commended

The other runner up was ‘The goose saw her too’ by Dave S. Paul Graber was intrigued by this image. He reckoned that it showed some imagination and successful creativity on the photographer’s part and that it must have taken a long time to construct. He remarked that the picture was more typical of photo clubs in the north – the further north you go, the more you tend to get ‘weird and wonderful artificial constructs’. [That, of course, is Paul’s personal opinion. I wonder if it can be independently verified?] The goose in the background is really important to the image and the picture has been brilliantly well put together.

Photocraft Camera Club - The Goose saw her too! by Dave S
The goose saw her too | Dave S | Highly Commended

Congratulations to Mandy, Alfred and Dave and thanks to everyone who entered. Thank you too to Paul Graber – we appreciated his entertaining and well-considered judging.

We wish you all the compliments of the season.

Wisley Glow 2021

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