Judge: John Nathan

Whoops, I thought …

It’s never good when the judge starts with a warning that the SPA has asked judges to make a wider spread of points when marking. From now on a good photo will get 7 points (as opposed to 8). This means every half point better than this is really well deserved.

Interesting, and I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as its applied uniformly. For me, the main purpose of competitions are to get some objective feedback, it might be brutal sometimes but it points out things things that can be worked at to improve.

Some great photos were presented and congratulations go to Dave Stoneleigh for his alternative minimalist take an autumnal photo “Graceful Ending”. David also let us in on the story behind the making of the photo, from crawling around the attic to find wire for a DIY clamp to fashioning a white backdrop from some white horticultural fleece. It gave the rest of us an insight into the setup that goes behind a “10” point photo.

Looking forward, next weeks talk is on portrait taking by Lee Townsend from Lenses of Croydon. I’m sure it will be an informative talk and a rare chance to get an explanation of various studio lighting setups.

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