The waiting was over, the entries were in – so, what would be reckoned to be the very best print and PDI of this season? Mostly people had entered their winning entries from previous competitions, though some seemed to want a second opinion on their favourite but previously lower-scoring images. The winnng entries had both scored 10 on their previous outing. Our judge was Roger Mendham, with his usual infectious enthusiasm for judging and well-considered and thoroughly fair feedback. He made clear at the outset that he would give his scores simply in relation to tonight’s set of photos and that the images may well have scored higher in previous competitions, compared to a different field. But these were a set of cracking good images, no one scored less than 7.5.

Print of the Year

Roe Deer Stag – Mandy B

Congratulations to Mandy B for her Print of the Year – ‘Roe Deer Stag’. The judge described this as a lovely composition, with the deer nicely set in its environmental context. The image was crystal clear throughout, with the right depth of field. The stag was in just the right position.

Highly commended

Photocraft Camera Club - Sausage sandwich by David A
Sausage Sandwich – David A

The judge said that monochrome was exactly the right medium for this image. He liked the clarity and detail. It was a good decison to use the ‘vertical letterbox’ aspect and there was a lovely lead in from the buildings on each side.

Photocraft Camera Club - Tudor Picnic by Dave S
Tudor Picnic – Dave S

The judge felt this was an intriguing shot, with nicely soft colours. It was good quality all the way through and the right amount of texture and colour in the sky.

Introversion – David P

The judge appreciated this work of art photo and felt it was well-presented with the heavy black keyline.

PDI of the Year

Photocraft Camera Club - Sheep Farmer County Cork by David H
Sheep Farmer, County Cork – David H

Congratulatons to David H for his PDI of the Year. The judge described this as a wonderfully characterful portrait, reflecting connection with the photographer – the subject’s eyes were looking straight into the camera. The image was nicely sharp with a good depth of field – a truly atmospheric picture!

Highly commended

Photocraft Camera Club - Starling confrontation by Mandy B
Starling Confrontation – Mandy B

The judge said that the birds fitted in the space really well. The image was sharp, with just the right amount of wing movement visible.

Photocraft Camera Club - Tulip Stairs, Greenwich by Philip R
Tulip Stairs, Greenwich – Philip R

The judge said this was a good job, compositionally. The colour scheme worked well and there was good detail throughout.

Just walk on by – Martin F

The judge was intrigued by this image – what’s the subject doing and what’s he wearing? It was a picture to make you smile.

Fish Frieze (Manipulated Light Painting) – Dave S

The judge felt this image had an intriguing title and there had been very good repetitive manipulation of the image.

Well done!

Thank you to our judge, Roger Mendham, and congratulations to this season’s winning entries and those that were highly commended! This was a great chance to sit back and enjoy a raft of good images and whet our enthusiasm to get out there with our camera to gather our portfolios for next season.


Just to say, this will be my last blog, as we’re moving away in August. I count myself very lucky to have been part of Photocraft over the last seven years. It’s an informal, friendly camera group that has been agile and creative in its response to the pandemic period. What I most like about Photocraft is its positive, supportive culture, helping everyone get the best out of their photography, rather than blinding people with technical know-how or focusing exclusively on the leaderboard. I hope Photocraft continues to grow and prosper and I, for one, will always be interested in reading each week’s blog!

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  1. Dave Stoneleigh

    Sorry to hear you’re leaving Philip. Thanks for all your contributions to the club, not least your Blogs and all the best for the future in your new home. At least you are leaving with a highly commended image in your last Photocraft competition! Well done.

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