A Member’s Evening

Where do I start with his one? 

The guidelines given were to submit photos with red, white or blue themes, each colour on its own or any combination of the colours. This was not a competition so members were more willing to put forward photos that satisfied the theme and had a bit of a story rather than more technically polished competition photos.

Members evenings are always a bit of a wild card so I didn’t know what to expect turning up but was  taken aback by the response. 56 photos in total were shown on the screen and each photographer got a chance to explain some of the background to their shots.

And every shot did have a story, from volunteering to place red poppies in Tower of London to visiting the red sandstone mountains of Utah, from an icy blue scene at Carshalton Ponds to the blue processed version of a spiders web in Jane’s back garden. There combinations of colours too, from the blue and white of Santorini to the many versions  of the Union flag, including a few photoshopped versions clearly inspired by the recent referendum.

This wasn’t a competition but I feel the special mention of the evening should go to Dave C’s wife and young son who took turns bowling with the heavy blue bowling ball so Dave could get a shot of the blue ball hitting the white and red pins. Now that’s dedication. 

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