Once every two years the SPA (Surrey Photographic Association) to which Photocraft belong, hold an Exhibition and most camera clubs in the area have members who take part.   To have a picture accepted is an achievement and can lead on (if you are very lucky) to being used by the SPA in representing them at PAGB (National) level.  There are also awards for a few lucky high scorers as each photo is judged by a panel of three expert judges and points awarded. 

Those gaining above a certain threshold, stand a chance of having their image exhibited in the Guildford House Gallery in Guildford High Street next April.

There are five sections that can be entered, Open Print,Nature Print, Monochrome Print, Open PDI and Nature PDI.   The accepted PDI’s are usually displayed at the gallery on a TV screen on a continuous loop.

Members of Photocraft have entered this, what is effectively a prestigious competition, regularly over past years with many images having been successful and displayed in the Gallery and I hope others may be encouraged to have a go.

All entries have to be coordinated and entered through each club’s Liaison Officer, which is me, Dave S.  Participating members are required to upload images of their PDI’s and prints themselves, within the laid down timetable and there are some strict rules to follow particularly with regard to the mounting of the prints.  The entry fee this year is £7 for the first category entered and £5 for each subsequent category.

The Entry Fees should be paid to me as the Club’s Liaison Officer for this event, please, along with your Prints and the completed Entry Form B as I am required to pay the SPA in the form of a single cheque.   The closing date to get things to Dave S is Wednesday 22nd January 2020.   

Following this, PDI uploads in respect of print and PDI entries (1600 x 1200 pixels) to the special SPA site must be completed by those entering by 31st January 2020.

A copy of the Rules and Individual Entry Form B are attached.  Make sure you read these carefully and follow the requirements.   I will try to answer any questions at the club although there will only be a few meetings during this period because of the Christmas break.   You can always email me with any queries.

Good luck everyone and it will give you a chance to dig out and prepare those masterpieces of photographic art over the Christmas holiday!

Dave S

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