Every two years the Surrey Photographic Association puts on an Exhibition showcasing the best photos taken by the counties photographers over the last two years.

The 2016 Exhibition is held in Guildford House Gallery from the 12th March to the 1st April 2016.

This is flagship event for Surrey photographers with the best images on show getting put forward to the national PAGB competitions. Last time round over 1200 prints  and 600 PDI’s were submitted. A group of judges will choose about 160 Prints and 200 PDI’s for display in the Exhibition although this year there is talk of changing the selection process to allow more photos to be shown !

You can see a selection of the photos chosen for the 2014 Exhibition on the SPA website along with a brief description of the event itself. 


The closing date for the 2016 Exhibition is 31 January 2016, so, over the Christmas break it’s time to think about what entries you may like to submit. 

Dave Stoneleigh has kindly volunteered to be the club’s Liasion Officer for the Exhibition. This means he will compile all the entry forms (and fees) and also the physical prints.

PDIs and PDI copies of Print entries will be uploaded directly to the SPA website by the individual with an online entry form. Dave will still need to collect a second entry form (Form B) for all entries, Print or PDI.

These are some of the key dates in the process:

13 January 2016.  –  This is a Club Evening for the Where in the World Quiz but we will also have some time to discuss the submission process and get a idea of who is going to enter. If you have already uploaded your photos it is a chance to give Dave your entry forms and Prints if you have them.

20 January 2016.  –  This is a Print Competition Evening at the Club so there won’t be much time for discussion but it is another chance to let Dave know you are entering and get your entry forms to him.

23 January 2016.  –  Deadline for entry forms, mounted prints and payments to be with Dave S.   Please try and get them to him before this date if possible but again, LET HIM KNOW YOU ARE ENTERING!

15 December 2015 to 31 January 2016  –  Period that SPA are accepting uploading of PDI’s from entrants.

12 March 2016 – 2nd April 2016  –  Exhibition at Guildford House Gallery

It is important to stress that whilst members entering will have to upload PDI’s of their images themselves, the entry forms and entry fees, along with prints MUST be entered through Dave Stoneleigh as the club’s ‘Liaison Officer’.   

In this respect, those considering entering should let him know so that he can let them have an entry form and answer any questions they may have.   This also allows him to know when he has received all the entries, in order that they can be passed on to the SPA, since there are various deadlines in this respect that have to meet.

If any entry fees are being paid by cheque, these will need to be made out to Dave (D.Stoneleigh) as he will have to submit one cheque to the SPA to cover all the payments.

The handover of entries and monies should be able to be done at a club evening early in the New Year (dates above) but if this presents any difficulties, contact Dave to make alternative arrangements.       Dave’s email address is StoneleiD@aol.com

I know that some Photocraft members will be entering and it would be nice if others joined in and had a go but be sure to read and carefully follow the rules on the link below !  Some are slightly different to the Photocraft competitions, especially on sizes of Print and PDI. There are also special rules for the Nature category.

They can all be found here (along with the upload instructions):


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