Saturday 17th October saw the arrival of the annual SPA Individual Entry Print & PDI Competition, where members of SPA-affiliated clubs have the opportunity to enter up to two pictures each in four competition sections (Open Print, Nature Print, Open PDI and Nature PDI).

This year Photocraft was present in full force, with 6 members participating – a great turnout considering the relatively small size of our club. Here are four of our members waiting nervously for proceedings to kick off ?

Proving that size really doesn’t matter and that quality is absolutely more important than quantity, Photocraft snatched two out of four wins, with Mandy B winning the Nature PDI and Dave S winning the Open PDI. Extra congratulations to Dave S for not only winning, but doing it by securing the only 15 (top marks) of the event.

In addition to the two wins (a better performance than any of the other 24 clubs present ? SPA competition virgins Mark B and Aodan H came within 1 point of victory in the Open Print completion with these pictures 

 .. it all bodes well for future competition success!

A great afternoon out and a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some superb photography from our fellow SPA club members. Bring on the 2016 competition!! J

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