Our second Open PDI competition of the season saw us welcoming back as judge, Darren Pullman (insert various letters here), from Carshalton. We must congratulate Darren on his two 10s in the recent SLF inter-club competition.

As ever, we started with our Standard Group and had a healthy 23 images to view. Darren was impressed with the overall quality of the group and the variety of subjects and styles in the images.

The most common themes by way of observation were making sure that the areas of interest in the image were clear or at least not in conflict with other parts of the picture. Use of angles and placement within the frame both go a long way to adding more interest and making sure the main subject stands out.

Also, we were reminded of the old adage about having text in the photograph. If it’s there, make it readable.

We had some great images held back and the resulting winner was:


Darren loved the symmetry and the great light on the underside of the bandstand. Lovely colours in this as well. Well done Chris.

Two other 10s on the night and both were the first for each photographer:


Darren really liked the crop and closeness, plus the wonderful position of the flower’s centre


Darren’s eye was immediately caught by the terrific background and the vibrant colours that make this such a fun and enjoyable image.

Congratulations to Anita and Angela!

I must add that what was great about the top scores on the night was that we had seven different photographers in the mix – some fantastic talent was on show!

I don’t know whether it is something in the tea at the break but for the second competition running, our Advanced Group felt the full force of a judge’s tongue and we again got the range of scores for all to wince at or enjoy.

Several of the comments concerned the overall image and on this, some were clearly lacking due to resolution issues. I think we may have to look at what is being put into Photoentry but the fact that judges now have a couple of days, at least, to look much closer at work they would not have been seeing until setting foot into the hall on the evening is clearly leading to some going in very close to the digital image and really stressing the issues that arise. Is this right? I am not sure. I do not think that anyone thought of this when Zoom became our meeting method – the judges do not climb up on steps and get close to the projector screen when in the hall so why treat this any differently?

Enough. We can talk about this elsewhere. I will mention one comment from Darren which was about the monochrome image entered. it was once again about the need for a mono to have “punch” and to make sure there is enough contrast in the image.

Suffice to say, we once more had everything from 6.5 to 10 in the mix and just the two rose to the top on the night. Our winner was:

AUTUMN MOVEMENT – by your author (with the keyline now full!)

Darren liked the colours and painterly effect. This is an ICM shot taken in Winkworth last month.

The second 10 went to:


“Disturbing” was Darren’s first thought. An image that does make you stop, look and wonder. Well done David.

I do always enjoy how the scores line up in this group and we once again had the “D” gang following these two images, these being, in order of course:

David, David, Dave, Dave, David, David and not forgetting David.

Thanks as always to Darren and to all who entered what was a top-class collection of work for all to enjoy.

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