You pull your focus in,
Your focus out,
In, Out, In, Out, you blur the background out
You make your composition and you take the shot
And that’s what it’s all about!
Oh, Bokeh, Bokeh, Bokeh,

Etc. etc.

Yes, It was all about being OK to Bokeh when we gathered for our own internal fun competition to review our efforts at capturing good bokeh.

As an added twist, Aodan managed to persuade Chris H, Jane and Dave Stoneleigh to step into the judges’ chairs and mark the images, 12 in Level 1 and 25 in Level 2. Thanks to these three brave members for being willing to step up. I should also add here that none of the judges entered any marks for their own images during the evening to ensure all was above board.

The plan was to mix up the judges’ comments and then give the marks (out of three) anonymously. The comments were soon thrown open to the floor and led to some entertaining observations as we viewed the entries.

As was bound to happen, there was a wide range of views of what qualifies as bokeh. Suffice to say, some sadly did not and we saw a good range of marks within the range allowed.

To our winners:

Level 1:


A great example of bokeh with a good mix of colours and shapes in the background.

Level 2:


A more subtle use of bokeh here with striking colours being used to make the white bokeh elements stand out.

Dave shared with us his past experience with this photo when entered into competition. The judge marked it down…due to the distracting white spots in the background! It just goes to show you…

So, congratulations to Terry and Dave and well done to Aodan for keeping it all running smoothly on the night.

We must also acknowledge the successful first competition use of our new PhotoEntry software that is now to be used to enter all our PDI competitions. A big thank you to Chris R and Martin for working with this and making sure that we are able to take advantage of this very helpful software. Remember to use it for the PDI entries for 31st January. Till next time!

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