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Apologies for the late posting of this blog. We had some website hosting issues.

It was once again my pleasure to be the blogger for a visit to the club by Jay Charnock FRPS. She was with us to judge our third open print competition of the season.

Those of us who have enjoyed Jay’s wise words in the past will have known she would bring her own inimitable style to the evening. Jay immediately set out her views. She likes to sense the mood of the image, recognising that the photographer is showing her what they want her to see. When relevant, she does mention a technical issue but overall, Jay’s out to reward innovation and the photographer’s input.

What is also good to hear is that Jay always stresses that she is just one person giving her opinion and we must keep this in mind.

One other point made frequently by Jay throughout was that she recognised and appreciated the choices made for the mount and paper. Both of these can add so much to the finished work.

And finally, Jay made sure we understand one thing: the only rule is that there are NO RULES!

Out of the 17 prints entered, Jay held back nine. She did stress that being held back did not necessarily mean 9 or more points would be awarded and then went on to prove that by awarding one of the held back prints an 8.50. That one was mine and so, with another of my prints being given a 9 but not held back, I will take the liberty here of including my 9 in place of the 8.50.

Congratulations to Dave S, back in top spot with a 10+ for this portrait of HM Queen Consort Camilla, who was just HRH at the time.

HRH Block Style – Dave S

Jay enjoyed the style and presentation of Dave’s print – how it sat in the mount being effective for the way this image has been printed. The choice of paper was also noted and added positively to the final look.

A second 10 for Dave S with this amazing work.

Emergence – Dave S

Jay loved how this has been put together. It really needs to be looked at and enjoyed – and it is worth a good look to see what it actually is.

Our final 10 went to Paul S who has got off to a flying start in the print events with his street images.

Along Camden High Street – Paul S

Jay loved the red mount and the two people in the image. “Riveting and full of character, telling a story…” was how Jay saw it. She was particularly taken by the “Dracula” like look of the man on the left and how the red mount added to the monochrome print.

It continued to be the “Dave and Paul Show” with our 9.50 awards too.

Dave S gave us another of his wonderfully constructed prints.

Off to Market – Dave S

Jay loved that this use of creative skills and innovation gave the viewer a story that they could make for themselves with their own imagination.

Paul’s 9.50 was with another great piece of street work.

End of Surrey Street, Croydon – Paul S

Jay noted how well this had been taken and the contrasting look of the subject with the caption on the left side. She also felt it worked very well in monochrome.

Onto our 9’s now and Mark B gave us this fine sunset image.

Sunset – Mark B

Jay appreciated the use of ICM, noting this is the perfect image for using ICM. The colour palette and distorting effect were very enjoyable and vivid.

Alfred C then did the double with two 9s.

The first one was for this atmospheric work.

A Winter Walk – Alfred C

Jay thought this was a lovely print with great use of vignetting to create a subtle darkening that emphasises the light on the path to give a tunnel effect.

Alfred’s second 9 was for this fine work.

Fishing at Sundown – Alfred C

Jay thought it “cheeky” and well taken, with the positioning of the bird. It was made all the better by the letterbox print format. Very much a picture that tells a story.

My 9 (in place of the 8.50) was for this.

Golden Gate, Foggy Bay – Brian C

Jay said she had been to the Golden Gate herself and enjoyed the atmosphere captured in the print, with the nice placement of the grasses along the bottom of the frame.

Congrats to Dave S for getting all three of his prints into the top ranked images, along with Paul S and his double.

Thank you as ever to Jay for her “pearls of wisdom” and for giving us a full and entertaining evening.

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