This week allowed the members of the club the chance to re-enter images if they thought they had been unfairly treated by our judges the first time around! Of a total of 41 images, we managed to discuss, dissect and largely discard 15 of them before the time ran out and the hall needed to be locked for the night – which meant that everyone who had entered an image had at least one pored over in minute detail.

There were a number of very helpful comments from the guest judge this week, explaining that:

  1. Judges can be incredibly subjective when it comes to the naming of images. Some demand that locations are made crystal clear, while others aren’t really that bothered.
  2. When a judge waxes lyrical about your competition entry, it doesn’t mean that he likes it… they could just be desperately filling time, finding things to point out before panning it with a 7. Or 6. Or 5…

Ultimately, the most interesting point we took away from the evening is that, despite their naming convention differences (and other little idiosyncrasies – a splash of red, anyone?), the SPA judges are overall pretty consistent. All but one of the images which were panned the first time around, were… gently put out of their misery this time around as well. 

Which leaves me to congratulate Martin W. for being the sole member who managed to get their verdict quashed. And quite rightly so – his image of The Hive at Kew was well executed and presented image, falsely maligned the first time around!

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