I don’t quite know how to say this tactfully, but tonight’s judge was quite simply wrong when it came to one of the winning entries. I hope he’ll forgive me for the sheer pedantry on my part, but the word triptych should have been pronounced with a hard ‘k’ sound at the end, not a soft ‘ch’ (as in ‘China’). He’s by no means the first person to have mispronounced the word at Photocraft – not surprisingly, as it’s not an everyday term! But please don’t get me wrong – in all other respects, tonight’s judge, Roger Reynolds, excelled. He was, as we anticipated, unswervingly accurate in his consideration of our images and offered us impeccable feedback! He was unstinting in his praise of the best images and very generous in the excellent advice he gave to those with lower marks. Several of us will have gone away from the evening more mindful of avoiding distracting highlights, and more committed to necessary dodging & burning and cloning!

Just before the evening began, I had the opportunity to chat to Roger about his own approach to photography and his take on tonight’s entries:

Tonight’s Standard Class highest scores

After the rain – Barbara A – WINNER

The judge liked the textures and the circular composition, with the curvature of the green leaf echoing the two pink leaves and with the black background holding the circular motion very well. He reckoned it was a superb, high quality image.

Red Tulip – Anita G – 9.5

This was a beautiful flower study. The judge loved its simplicity, the wonderful balance of tones in the green and magenta complementary colours and the tonal gradation in the background. He could see this as a 4 foot by 3 foot picture on the wall in the lounge of a modern house.

Advanced Class highest scores

Curves by Dave S

Advanced Class – Winner

Curves – Dave S – WINNER

This triptych was very well thought out and beautifully put together. The judge loved the way the photos were positioned so that the curves echoed and linked with each other. All the elements join, both visually and in terms of tones. Again, he could see this photo as a piece of abstract art in a modern house. (Is a common thread emerging? Ed.)

Photocraft Camera Club - Glass of Water by Dave S

Advanced Class

Glass of Water – Dave S – 9.5

The judge loved this beautiful piece of still life and creative abstract photography. The photographer clearly knew how to use and accentuate colour and how the background would refract through the glass. The corners are nicely balanced by the use of dark triangles. Once again, he could see it blown up as a large canvas in a modern house or art gallery!

Tonight’s competition was the final Open PDI of the year. It had become crowded at the top of the leader-boards and tonight’s crucial scores were eagerly awaited. In the Standard Class, Chris R pipped Barbara A to top spot for the 2020-2021 season by a single point; and in the Advanced Class, Dave S & David H took joint top spot. Congratulations! And thank you, Roger, for making these decisive choices!

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