I remember having to sit through a whole evening of nothing but pictures of autumn leaves and wishing, by the end of it, the damn things would just get on with it, drop off and disintegrate for the winter. So some thought is needed for a set subject competition and we have Graham S to thank for choosing such an excellent topic open to wide interpretation. ‘Water’ – that simple chemical with so many mystical properties; the flux that drives the planet and the life dwelling upon it.

It can exist as liquid, solid, gas or spray. Things can float in it, live in it, feed in it, swim in it or drown in it. Light can either pass through it or reflect in a million ways off its surface. So a great subject and a wide variety of images from the members who entered. (Incidentally, anyone watch the premiere of ‘The Shape of Water’ on the telly recently? An excellent film, though not perhaps for the faint-hearted.)

One of the upsides of having an internal ‘for fun’ competition is that we don’t have to sit on our hands with our little rosebuds tightly buttoned and listen to an external judge macerating our best endeavours. We can talk about them, and this was the main point of the evening. Brian ably steered the discussion throughout the evening and it was not until the end that he revealed the final scores that members had awarded to each other’s pictures. Thanks very much to him and also to the wizardry of Chris R that enabled us to view and score the images in advance using DiCentra and display them on the night.

The clear winner of the night with an average score of 9 was Starling bathing by Mandy

In joint second place with an average of 8.5 were:

Glass of Water by Dave S

and The Power of the Falls by Brian

There were 5 images tied in third place with an average score of 8:

Three of these were by Alfred, so congratulations to him. They were:

Tree reflected (taken on a mobile phone)

Photo opportunity

and Trapped in ice

The remaining two eights were:

Reflections by Kevin

and Nature’s Pliers by Alan

Well done everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners.

Another property of water is its ability to turn everything upside down. I am using my bloggers’ prerogative to include as my cover image a non-winning shot of some plonker half-submerged in water (Suffering for his art, by Mandy). I will conclude by giving you sight of the original photo the right way up.

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