Yes, it’s here, in two more weeks and after a long summer break, we can now look forward to a new season of Photocraft Wallington.

Doors open again on Wednesday 6th Sept at 8pm.

Throughout the summer your Programme Secretary (Mark) has been hard at work making the calls, answering the emails to put together another cracking series of evenings.

I will leave the final unveiling of the programme to Mark but here’s a sneak preview of the first month.

It all starts with Mark’s welcome back evening. He will run through the programme for the year and any website updates. Just remember to either bring your subs or even better pay online. Let’s make it easy on our new Treasurer.

Next up on 13th, Darren Pullman will be coming to judge our first PDI competition.

After that on the 20th we have our first external speaker, Andy Skillen, who will talk to us (and hopefully show us) about his experiences “Walking with Bears”. I’ll let Mark explain more but I think you can guess this will be a special evening

The last meeting of September on the 27th will be the first Print competition judged by David Harford.

OK, so now’s the time to start sorting through those summer photos or just get out there and make the most of what’s left.

Here’s looking forward to many new photos and many chances to learn in the year ahead.

See you all soon,


(Your new Chairman)

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