Us photographers are often to found on our travels, whether just down to the local park or off to faraway places. This evening saw a few of us challenge our fellow members to guess where in the world we were when we took the images on display. As ever, there were selections from far and wide with many locations guessed within seconds and others leaving people pondering. Here is a selection from those who shared their work.

Eden Project – Andy Brown

Andy B gave us all an easier one to guess as there aren’t many places like this in the world.

Punch and Judy – Weymouth Beach – Alfred Clarke

Alfred C took us to the coast and shared an image that would be difficult to find nowadays as times change. Guessing which beach took a little while but Weymouth was picked in the end.

Lake Garda – Alfred Clarke

Within roughly one second of Alfred’s image above appearing on screen, Joe F not only named the location but told us he had stood in pretty much the same spot to take an image himself! It is a small world!

Tromso Harbour – Brian Connolly

This was taken on a visit to Tromso to see the Northern Lights (we did!). I wish I could remember what time it was – setting the camera took a while as it was dark for around 23 hours 58 minutes each day.

Beach in Connemara – Brian Connolly

A drive along part of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way can lead to countless photographic opportunities and this was one such afternoon. There are some stunning beaches and landscapes in this part of the world.

North Dakota Badlands – Chris Randall

Chris R gave us a good challenge with this image. Yes, it is the USA but nobody could guess the state. Chris told us the chap in the question appeared at just the right moment!

Mumbai – Gateway to India – Chris Randall

A world-famous sight. Chris told us that the visit to Mumbai took place just a couple of days before the terrorist attacks that rocked the city. Alfred also had memories of places he knows being destroyed.

Glasgow – Kelvingrove Art Gallery – Anna Pavlova – Philip Richter

Philip took us indoors, making the location harder to guess! A few suggested Amsterdam but I don’t think we would have got to Glasgow without a few clues. Excellent framing of the painting in the doorway.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London – Philip Richter

We were then taken into the heart of the Establishment by Philip. This stunning interior being photographed on one of the “Open Building” days had been covered up for many years but is now restored and on view. I can’t recall the name of the initiative that had many public and commercial buildings open for viewing but clearly, there are lots of gems out there worth seeing.

View over Lake Ontario – Dave Stoneleigh

Another world-famous sight and Dave S has us guessing what the CN stands for in CN Tower. Originally it was Canada National Railway’s as it was built on their land but now it is Canada’s National Tower, owned by the federal government. The stadium next door is the home of baseball’s Toronto Blue Jays – the only Canadian team in the MLB leagues of the USA.

Castle Mill, Dorking (c.1962) – Dave Stoneleigh

And so to much nearer home with an image from a time gone by. Dave admitted he has cloned out a rather large clue under “castle mill” so we did have a few guesses. Many members know the location of where the mill once stood ( it is just off the A25 close to Dorklng, at the base of Box Hill and it is now a Bed and Breakfast.

And so as you have seen, we have taken you all to many places, far and near. Thanks to everyone who submitted images and we hope that next time, we can all be in the hall and enjoy a proper quiz!

Featured image is a view over Lake Lucerne by Brian Connolly

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