As a blogger you will have access to the Admin tool bar when logged-in to the website. The thin tool bar across the top of the page.

To start a new blog, on the tool bar click on new and select post.

Setting up your post environment

The first time the post editor window opens you may see the ‘Welcome to the block editor”, either click next to read the info or click on the X in top RH corner to exit.

The website uses Divi builder to create the elements within the website, with the exception of creating posts for the blog. The default editor must be used. If the ‘Build your lay out using Divi’ is displayed select ‘Use default editor’

The last piece of set-up is to provide a clean page. Click on the options – three vertical dots in top RHS, select Preferences at bottom of the open panel. If the panel is blank click anywhere in the main screen area and try again. In the Preferences panel, under additional turn off: custom fields, Extra settings, and UM content restriction. As you turn each off the screen will clear down. Click the X to close preferences, click the three vertical dots and ensure that Post is underscored, if not click on Post.

Writing the post

Post feature options
  • Add a title for your post by clicking on ‘ADD TITLE’
  • To add content clicking on ‘Start writing
  • Click on the plus sign in the blue button at the op will open additional formatting options as seen on the left.

The process is very similar to what was on the Wix system.

Key things to do

  1. Assign the post to a category – click on the categories dropdown on the Post panel on the RHS
  2. Add a featured image – select featured image,
  • click on set featured image
  • select media library – the media library will open and display all images
  • Top LHS select a folder from the dropdown to filter the images
  • Inside the folder, select image and press the blue set featured image button

Note: To optimise the performance of the website all images must be optimised, any images found in the media library are optimised. To optimise an image before uploading use An easy-to-use website, upload or drag & drop an image onto their website page. When optimisation completes down the image to your computer.

Save the post as a draft and preview the post using the Preview button on the post tool bar. The preview of the post will open in a new tab.

Click on the blue Publish button to publish the post to the website.

Clicking on the WordPress logo will open the post page where you have access to all of your posts.

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