Have you ever been confused by a camera club judge’s scoring ?

Were you pleasantly surprised to hit the magic formula for a “10” or maybe you were quietly disgruntled at why the judge didn’t understand your inner genius ??

Well, this week club member, David H gave us the opportunity to score a selection of images for ourselves and also to discuss those scores with the rest of the group.

The images were provided courtesy of an inter club competition held in his previous club. The added twist was that while his previous club is local,  in South London, one other club was from South Africa and the other from Australia. This certainly led to a variety of images and also a variety of presentation styles.

15 images were presented from each club and after a straight run through, we saw each image again in detail to decide on a score. To avoid influencing each other all the scores were written down but kept silent at this stage. 

After the scoring we started from the start again and David shared the actual score the image had received from the original competition judge. Hmm, some very surprising results and it turns out we can’t agree with each other either. The images were marked out of 15 and mostly we had a spread of 2-3 points around the judges score, some high and some low. It turns out the image scoring is not as easy as it seems!

At the end of the evening, everyone toted up there scores with spot prizes going to Claire K for getting the most correct scores and Martin W getting the lowest average.

Thank you, David, for such an interesting and innovative evening.

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